What they’re saying…

Samantha Shepherd – Hands down the best beef you will ever eat! Thanks again guys!

Jim Murray – We picked up three gorgeous rib-eyes at the Eat Local event in Independence. I am sitting here savoring the last few bites of one of the very best steaks I have had the privilege of grilling. Beautifully marbled and so flavorful.

Paula Helm – We devoured the steaks you sold us at the CSA event in Independence, MO. We grilled then over hardwood charcoal in the backyard. I have to say that was the best cut of beef I’ve ever cooked at home. It was flavorful and tender. Salt, pepper and a small dollop of garlic butter were the only condiment used BUT I tasted it before I seasoned it and it would have been fine without any seasoning! Once we figure out the freezer thing we will be buying part of a steer. Thank you for being there and thanks for the hard work that produces an excellent product.

Simon Kass – I bought a brisket from you two at the KC food circle event at the Shawnee Civic Center. I braised it in shiner bock beer after curing it in a sweet bbq rub, it was excellent. The best Kansas beef I’ve ever tasted! I’m a cook working at an upscale catering company in Kansas City. My chef, sous-chef, and I are avid believers in the importance of promoting small ranchers like yourselves who are working hard to produce sustainable high quality food. My chef grew up in a ranching family outside of Wichita, so he’s especially invested in the importance of what you’re doing. We’d love to visit you and see your operation, i don’t know if you do tours often, or if you’d be willing to show us around for a few hours one Sunday, but we’d greatly appreciate it if you could spare the time for us. If a Sunday in the upcoming weeks will work, we’d love to make the drive. Thanks again for the brisket, it was excellent!!

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