Buying Lucky Star Beef

Whole Beef – $4.00/pound (hanging weight) + processing

Side of Beef – $4.25/pound (hanging weight) + processing

Split side of Beef $4.50/pound (hanging weight) + processing

With Delivery available to most Kansas, Kansas City Metro and Oklahoma locations!

Buying beef by the whole beef or side is an extremely economical, sane and safe way to buy your meat.  You are paying much less than grocery store prices for your meat and you know where it came from.  When you buy ground beef, stew meat or even steaks at the grocery store, one package may contain meat from several animals.


All of our beef is processed by a small family owned local meat processor in Kansas.  They are a USDA certified meat processing plant with state of the art facilities and more than 30 years of experience cutting and processing meat.  There is a USDA federal inspector on site at the locker every day and your beef is assured of safety and quality.  Using a USDA inspected locker allows us to ship beef across state lines to customers.  You are also welcome to pick up your beef here at the ranch.

Pricing for 2016 

(Friends…we have not raised our prices since 2016!)

The State of Kansas requires that meat be sold by the pound.  As licensed meat wholesalers, we are required to price our meat according to it’s “hanging weight”.

$4.25/lb Hanging weight (approximately 600lbs/beef) + processing/packaging fees of approx $1.00/lb (there may be extra processing fees for special cutting requests such as ground beef patties, tenderized minute steaks etc.)

All beef sold hanging weight will lose some of its weight in the cutting and trimming process no matter how lean the side of beef is. The amount of fat and bone that must be trimmed (cutting loss) from a side thus has an influence on the price per pound of meat that is finally wrapped and frozen for you.  Weight is also reduced due to the Dry Aging process.

The price per pound you pay for packaged meat will be approximate and will vary with how you want your beef trimmed and boned.  For example, choosing bone in roasts and steaks will result in more total pounds of weight than if you choose to have your steaks and roasts boneless.    On average, packaged weight will equal about 60% of the hanging dressed weight.

So…If you are buying a side of beef you will be paying for approximately 300lbs at $4.25/lb = $1,275.00. (+ processing of $1/lb).

300lbs x 60% = about 180lbs packaged meat (average) = approximate cost of a little more than $7 per pound plus processing fees.  This is MUCH less than you would pay for Premium Angus Grass Fed Beef in your local Whole Foods or other specialty market.  Even grass fed ground beef costs much more than that in the store.  Your order will include: KC strip steaks, tenderloin filets, ribeyes, ground beef, stew meat, roasts, sirloin steaks, ribs and brisket!

For a quarter (split side) beef you will be paying for 150lbs at $4.50/lb = $675.50 (+ processing of $1.00/lb) and you will receive approximately 90lbs of packaged meat. (average)

**Please reserve your order with a deposit of $300.00 for a quarter,  $600.00 for a side or $1000.00 for a whole beef by sending a check or money order to: Lucky Star Farms 2235 River Road, Eureka, Kansas 67045.  Full payment is due upon delivery.

When you order a side or a whole beef, you can choose how you would like your beef cut.  T-Bones or tenderloins and strips?  Sirloin Steaks or Roasts? Split Sides (Quarters) are processed according to Lucky Star Farms standard cutting order.  See “any way you slice it” for more on this and call us for more details.

Please call us at 620-583-6776 to place your order.  Or email

2 Responses to “Buying Lucky Star Beef”

  1. Linda Kitch Says:

    Do you ever sell g beef at 20 lbs at a time? Being single there is no way I could use up a qt of beef. I live close to ElDorado, but found your beef in Wichita. Would like to know if you would sell it this way and if at the 6.50 a lb?

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