New Calves On The Prairie

New calves on the prairie

It has been VERY cold this month on the farm (like wind chills of -25 cold) and some of the cows are having their babies a little early…they usually calve in February, when it’s REALLY cold.  We were feeding them on the side of the river  where there is a lot of protection from the wind down in a big oak grove.  In the afternoon when we were taking them big round bales of alfalfa, we found them on the other side of the river instead.  

They’d been spooked by a coyote that we saw running along the river I guess.  But just as we were leaving the grove, we spotted one little calf lying alone in the grass on the riverbank.  We took the hay bales to the other side of the river and fed the cows. We couldn’t tell which cow was a new mama and had left her calf on the wrong side of the river…. in the meantime there was that lone coyote roaming around over there…

Hey! You're goin the wrong way!

Randy climbed down the icy riverbank and walked across the frozen river and carried the poor little heifer calf back to her mom.   It took her mom most of the rest of the day to recognize and remember her calf.  They must have really been spooked.

"Are you my mother?"

All’s well that ends well!  (…actually kiddo he’s your dad.)

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