LUCKY STAR FARMS WILL BE AT THE KANSAS CITY FOOD CIRCLE’S EAT LOCAL!  EXPO 2010 2 Events – 2 Saturdays 9am-2pm on March 27th in Shawnee, KS 9:30am-2:30pm and on April 3rd in Independence, MO.  Catch us there and pick up some Grass Fed steaks, roasts, ribs, burgers, ground beef and briskets! Bring your shopping bags!

One Response to “100% GRASS FED BEEF – THE NATURAL WAY”

  1. Jim Murray Says:

    Wepicked up three gorgeous ribeyes this morning at the Eat Local event in Independence. I am sitting here savoring the last few bites of one of the very best steaks I have had the privilege of grilling. Beautifully marbled and just so, so flavorful. I cannot recommend Lucky Star beer too highly.

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